Meet the Artists

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We are pleased to announce the cast of our summer touring production of 'Luna & Solis'. This talented ensemble will be performing in Peoria before we hit the road and take our production to the San Diego International Fringe Festival and to Oregon for our first out of state adventure.

Show dates & details are coming soon!


Storyteller 1 - Helen Morris

Storyteller 2 - Rebecca Ulbrich

Sienna - Nickela Rooney

Aaron - Noah Delgado

Luna - Emma Domakeczna

Solis - Alexandra Utpadel

Dolo - Jen Gantwerker

Dez - Brian Maticic

Samuel - James Beneze

Amara - Anabel Olguin

Pithy - Kevin Fenderson


Luna & Solis was originally presented as a 45 minute play through the Herberger Lunchtime Theatre featuring performances by Alexandra Utpadel, Kevin Fenderson, Shelby Huston Caple, Brady Anderson, Joey Whelan and Mackenzie Morgan.

The show was  developed into a full-length play in 2019 featuring an ensemble of artists who also assisted in the show's design work: Brian Maticic, Shelby Elise Maticic, Jenny Gantwerker, James Beneze, Kevin Fenderson, Rebecca Ulbrich, Anabel Olguin, Helen Morris, Ben Cleaveland, Clayton Caufman, Jonathan Gradilla, Ian Rey Sausedo, Tyler Miller, Shelby Huston Caple and Sarah Bary Noseworthy.

Luna & Solis was the proud recipient of the 2020 ariZoni Award of Theatre Excellence for Original Music Composition thanks to the talents of Brian Maticic, Helen Morris, and Ben Cleaveland.