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The sun and the moon have loved one another from afar for eons, but their responsibility to humanity keeps them apart. They are only able to meet in person during an eclipse, when they take corporeal form. 


Meanwhile, two rival towns have reached a crucial breaking point in their tenuous relationship. The town of Partume, led by Samuel, mines and creates tools and goods for both villages. The town of Azure, led by Amara, fishes and farms to provide both communities with food. Under the manipulative leadership of Dolo, both town leaders take strides to undercut each other with potentially devastating consequences. Their children Sienna (Sam's daughter) and Aaron (Amara's son) have secretly maintained a friendship over the years, and hatch a plan to bring their towns together and circumvent the dark plans of Dolo and his son, Dez. 

Luna and Solis however, have grown weary of putting the lives of humans above their own happiness, and decide to run away together during the latest solar eclipse. What will humankind have to do to restore the balance? Can Sienna and Aaron convince Luna and Solis that humanity is worth saving?

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